Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Why we love an Aga!

Since we became an authorised Aga showroom two years ago, our love of Aga's has grown and the three oven, pearl ashes one we are lucky enough to have in the showroom has really become one of the family! We love it's reassuring warmth in the winter and as we have the Total Control version we are able to use each oven as we need it so it's perfect for use throughout the summer months too.

It's a pleasure to cook on as it's so versatile and the food retains all of it's taste and colour due to the specialist design of the ovens which use radiant heat. We've cooked a range of things, from jacket potatoes and casseroles to toasted sandwiches on the top (the best toast we've ever tasted!)

The Aga has evolved with the times and the traditional perception it used to have is changing too and we are specifying them in modern homes and kitchens more and more as you'll see below.

If you would like to know more then please pop in and we'd be happy to give you a demo or head over to the Aga blog and follow Lady Aga for recipes, tips and news!

Here's a small selection of some of our projects featuring Aga's.

In-frame handpainted kitchen with black three oven Aga

Lay-on handpainted kitchen with cream four oven Aga

Lay-on handpainted kitchen with claret four oven Aga

Lay-on handpainted kitchen with pearl ashes three oven Aga

Look out for our post on our trip to see how Aga's are made coming soon.

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